Find, Meet and Marry your Love in China

Become Western husband and Chinese wife

Find, Meet and Marry your Love in China

Do you want to find a beautiful and above all a quality Chinese woman who will love you for ever and ever?

Then this is the place to be.

Chinese women love Western men

Chinese women love western men. They use international dating and matchmaking sites every day to find their foreign love in north America, western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Western men adore Chinese women

Successful Western men adore beautiful, gracious, educated Chinese women dedicated to be his love and his partner for life.

So seize this great opportunity and find your true love among our quality Chinese women.

Find Your Quality Chinese wife

To ensure that you can choose from only quality Chinese women suitable to western men, we select Chinese ladies who seriously want to find a foreign husband and who meet our strict screening criteria.

Therefore we do hesitate to accept very young Chinese girls since they will not easily be a perfect match for an experienced, well educated and successful foreign man.

Instead, we look for Chinese women with a good education, a mature attitude, professional experience, a modern lifestyle and a loving and supportive character, the things that matter in a full and happy life.

Meet your love in China, with our help

That is what this website is all about: to actually meet your beautiful Chinese love in person.

We provide you and your love with all the help and services you need to make your courtship in China a successful event.

From the first moment that your eyes meet and you feel butterflies in your tummy and she feels "small deer bump into each other".

Until the day you propose to her on that romantic spot where you drop to your knee, ask for her hand in marriage and sweep your love off her feet with a sparkling diamond ring.

Marry your love in China

What better place to marry your love than in China, the country of your oriental beauty.

Both your families and friends will anticipate with great excitement at the announcement of your marriage.
Especially if it will be a modern western style marriage celebration combined with a traditional Chinese marriage ceremony.

We will assist you in finding a trusted professional wedding planning company which will make your dream wedding ceremony an event you will for ever remember.

Share Your Love Story

And when you have become "Western husband and Chinese wife", be sure to Share Your Love Story with us, as we told Our Love Story.

Your experience will help others to make the right choice, to find their true love.
Have a look into what could be your future at
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